Sacacha Information

1. About Sacacha

Sacacha is a digital service provider that was built in 16 March 2019. Sacacha was created with a community sharing platform based in Cambodia. The platform provides easy ways to Cambodian people to join the globalized digital technology across its product services.

Sacacha was developed by Mr. Samith who is a web developer and designer having 10 year experiences in web development and designing. Mr. Samith made a decision to build a complete platform that consists of many types of products to meet the demand of Cambodian people.

2. Sacacha Vision

We believe people should share what they need to the web throughout a clean platform:
1. People have freedom to share
2. People have rights to voice
3. People have privileges to receive
4. People have anniversaries to congratulate
5. People have powers to influence

Furthermore, we strongly hope that people are going to take part in the national community created with passion from the founder who is eager to contribute.

3. Sacacha Mission

Our mission is wanting to see Cambodian people having a trusted platform to share and interact throughout posting clean entertainment pieces into a clean web environmnet where is secure and safe to use so that we build our community platform with the following:
1. Sacacha platform is free to use
2. Sacacha is committed to providing professional service
3. Sacacha is committed to building a clean environment platform
4. Sacacha is committed to connecting people closer together
5. Sacacha is committed to maintain good relationship between people on the web

Throughout our defined mission, we believe people will trust and utilize our platform for sharing and posting their activities.

Service Information

1. Sacacha Video

Sacacha video is a video sharing platform where users can interact in the global entertainment. Sacacha Video provides video services such as upoading videos, downloading videos, sharing videos, embedding videos and commenting.

Sacacha Video was founded on 15 March 2019 (Testing phase) and 15 september 2019 (Full processing phase). Sacacha Video is a Cambodian video sharing platform that was built under the local need of people to connect entertainment together throughout uploading, downloading, embedding and sharing videos such as movies, films, songs and clips

2. Sacacha Music

Sacacha Music is a Cambodian music sharing platform where users can upload, download, listen and share songs or music or Dharma. Sacacha Music provides easy ways to find song or music collections and listen on the apps. Moreover, users can upload songs or music and sell them online wiht a complete ecommerce system.

Sacacha Music was built on 17 October 2019. The purpose of this platform is to provide convenient ways to people for the entertainment connection.

3. Sacacha Jobs

Sacacha Jobs is a job posting agency that users (employer & employee) can post & seek jobs online. Sacacha Jobs is a free platform that allows users to find a dream job in Cambodia.

Sacacha Jobs was built on 15 January 2020 when we see an increasingly needed job to meet the demand of graduated students. This platform is focusing on the job quality and job quantity with a complete job application and secured system to encrypt job applications and clean interfaces of high security job management.

4. Sacacha Estate

Sacacha Estate is a real estate agency that allows users to upload or buy real estate assets. The real estate demanding in Cambodia has been remarkably increasing several years so that Sacacha Estate was built to assist users for Cambodian agents.

The purpose of this creating platform is to ease users to sell or purchase assets in one place and organized assets. Sacacha Estate was built on 15 January 2020.

5. Sacacha Design

Sacacha Design is a web development and design service that users can purchase a design package. Web development and design service provides a complete design package so the design pricing is based on various designing service. The package includes a domain, a hosting, a licensed template, lifetime update, premium support, SSL, bug fixes and mny more. The website will be build on WordPress platform.

The WordPress website is developed by our professional expert and it runs on a dedicated server. The templates (theme or plugin) come from our partners (theme marketplace). Sacacha Design was founder on 16 July 2019.

6. Sacacha Service

Sacacha Service is a service collection such as design service, customization service, server management, hosting assistance, domain purchasing, website consultation, platform discussion and social marketing. The Sacacha service is a collection of all professional web services.

Sacacha Service was built on 12 December 2019. Sacacha Service provides easiest ways to get a complete professional service for the website development and design packages.

7. Sacacha Hosting

Sacacha Hosting is a trusted web hosting platform that purchases a VPS, Dedicated Server or Cloud hosting from AWS, Digitalocean, Vultr, Google Cloud, etc. We help clients to manage server and update softwares on our sides from the server root. Mostly, we use WHM to manage hosting online.

Sacacha Hosting was built on 16 July 2019 at the same time as Sacacha Design because they are related to each other for the website development service requested by our existing clients.

8. Sacacha Download

Sacacha Download is a digital product platform that collects ebooks, premium docs and other digital products to sell, resell those to customers. This platform was is very useful for people who wanna start up their initial website development and design strategies.

Sacacha Download was built on 15 February 2020 to collect all digital products from well-known writers and authors to share or resell those to people in affordable price.

9. Sacacha Community

Sacacha Community is a social community platform where users can connect free to the global community. This platform was created with safe, clean, friendly and responsive platform which is easer for users to connect or communicate with the world. Sacacha Community is a complete tool of social community such as posting contents, sharing photos, sharing videos, asking questions, social engagement, chatting, selling products, creating pages, creating groups, and many more.

Sacacha Community was founed on 18 June 2019 (Tool testing phase) and 12 February 2020 (Full processing phase).

10. Sacacha eLearning

Sacacha eLearning is an online class that allows users to upload and sell courses professionally to others. Sacacha eLearning is the best place to learn and share their recorded videos and structured lessions to earn more incomes. This platform allows instructors to sell individual course or membership. Moreover, this platform is free for instructors but only charged percentage from courses sold.

Sacacha eLearning was created on 10 April 2020. Sacacha made a decision to develop this platform to accomplish their customer needs.

11. Sacacha Marketplace

Sacacha Marketplace is a product marketplace where vendors can sell products and buyers can purchase products online. This marketplace consists of clean interfaces and easy navigations on the product details. It is also free to use and only charged percentages when the products sold.

Sacacha Marketplace was built on 28 April 2020 for Cambodian customers to sell & buy products online.

12. Sacacha Dating

Sacacha Dating is a social dating platform where users like, share, send hearts, send likes/dislikes, chat, send emails and many more. This platform is very neat and clean. This platform will go live soon after finishing development.

(Comming soon)

13. Sacacha Freelance

Sacacha Freelance is a complete freelance platform where developers can post their projects for a hire and clients can search an affordable project from professional designer and developers.

(Coming soon)

14. Sacacha Project Management

Sacacha Project is a complete project management that allows developers/designers to track their web development progress.

(Coming soon)

15. Sacacha School Management

Sacacha School is a complete school management that allows educational institutes to store their education records.

(Coming soon)

16. Sacacha Human Resources Management

Sacacha HRM is a human resource management system that allows employers to manage their staff online. HRMS provides a complete management of their staff ranging from leaves, clockin/out, interview, learning center, report, attendance, and many more.

T(Coming soon)